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A unique approach, an unbeatable initiative

You think that a new generation headend is too expensive? Not anymore. Câble Axion makes cable services accessible to small private or cooperative cable distributors. You can then offer them to your clients without investing millions.

Strong from an expertise and know-how in cable distribution engineering, Câble Axion makes interconnections of its services and owns a network for the distribution of its digital and Internet products in several Québec regions. Câble Axion's major advances in terms of interconnection now benefit to approximately ten network owners. These small cable distributors now offer cable services without having invested the usually necessary millions of dollars.

This new process was designed to facilitate the reality of small cable distributors faced with the impossibility of paying the staggering costs linked to the construction of new generation headends. Thus equipped with renewed services thanks to Câble Axion, these interconnected cable distributors are able to pursue their growth. Among others, they can:

•   Offer analog, SD or HD digital television and high speed Internet without investing millions
•   Organize and market TV schedules as well as their packages and set their own rates
•   Keep control of their customer service and of their products
•   Benefit from a privileged access to the expertise of a team of specialists in cable distribution engineering

If the competition rather prefers urban centers, thus leaving several municipalities without services, Câble Axion rather counts on its proximity to markets by offering a personalized and even service, a major asset compared to telecommunication giants. The regional approach to cable distribution development is a totally unique initiative in the industry. While everyone evolves in a mass territory, Câble Axion counts on cooperation with small cable distributors.

Set the rules of the game yourself

Always keep control of the marketing and support of your products. Personalize your TV schedule, packages and rates. No interference from us. It's guaranteed.

Offer yourself customized operating systems

Our experts have designed specific applications for each cable distribution product in order to offer you the reliability and safety of headend management worthy of the largest networks. Thanks to our DAC 6000 and exclusive operating systems, SAM (television), and INTRANET (Internet), we will be able to operate for you and according to your criteria and networks.

Who can benefit from this incredible offer?

Interconnection is for all owners of cable distribution networks, where technology permits.

Who to contact?

Jennifer Ten Eyck, our Business Development Supervisor, can tell you more and elaborate a customized proposal. Call her at 1.866.552.9466 extension 5806.