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Câble Axion takes concrete actions to support community and local causes throughout its territory by encouraging youth, sports and culture. The company is dedicated to giving back part of its income to endorse various initiatives on its territory in an equitable manner. Each year, the company gives back tens of thousands of dollars to support various events and organizations across its territory.

Sponsorship application

 To download the
sponsorship application
form, click here.
  • Applications that do not meet Câble Axion’s sponsorship policy will not be considered.
  • Câble Axion must have exclusivity in the “telecommunications” category of all sponsorship.
  • All sponsorship requests must be submitted at least two (2) months before the event is held.
  • Requests are processed within three (3) to four (4) weeks.
  • Follow up is provided for selected requests only.

At the heart of events that liven up communities

  École Saint-Paul de Scotstown

Câble Axion generously contributed to Scotstown Saint-Paul school. Their contribution helped provide a new school playground to our students and community, and we are very grateful for their involvement.

Festival de jazz de Sutton

Sutton Jazz Festival gratefully acknowledges their trusted partner Câble Axion. Their financial support really makes a difference and encourages us to pursue our efforts to stage a high-quality event year after year.

  Syl-Gym de St-Sylvestre

Câble Axion is very present in Saint-Sylvestre, and made its contribution to the town’s development. They are a reliable cable provider that is committed to better serve its customers. Our Gym members would not be able to benefit from physical exercise as well as telecom services without their support!

Défi de la Gosford de Saint-Augustin-de-Woburn

The ‘’Défi de la Gosford’’ dog team race has benefited from the support of Câble Axion for several years and is counting on their renewed commitment. We know that free family-oriented winter events are at the very heart of the company's values, as well as those boosting the local economy.