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Commitment and mission

An integrated communication company, Câble Axion offers phone service, digital and HD television, and high speed Internet access. Câble Axion positions itself as a regional company, a very distinctive factor in the industry. This echoes through the whole organization, allowing us to stand out in a very competitive market, shared with telecom giants.

Our mission

To be the customers #1 telecom choice across our territories
to ensure Câble Axion's prosperity as a regional company

Our commitment

Product evolution monitoring

Câble Axion keenly observes product evolution and mobilises its team of experts to keep up with the accelerated pace of technological evolution. We are therefore pursuing our goal to provide rural municipalities with the same services they would get in urban areas, without compromising price or quality.
  A regional customer approach at all levels

Câble Axion emphasizes on its excellent customer service to help ensure it remains a competitive advantage. Our personel is trained and supported to respond quickly and efficiently to every customer's requests.

Significant fact: every call is answered at our operation center by local agents. No call is transfered abroad. Therefore, our employees are aware of the needs and reality of our regional customers.

To be there for communities

Câble Axion stands out by providing a local service. Two stores are already in operation and other openings are planned. Câble Axion also makes a point of creating jobs in every region it deserves. Even if we do not have stores in every municipality, our local technicians serve our customers and ensure the quality of our network.

Furthermore, while competition fosters large-scale events, Câble Axion is a corporate citizen dedicated to local initiatives through its community support program.