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Digital TV

If you already are
an Axion customer, find out more by pressing GUIDE on your terminal remote:

  • Improved design
  • Faster browsing
  • Simple and intuitive menus with the same options as before
  • Your recordings and preferred settings (series recording, favourite channels, parental control, etc.)

Tune for HDTV

The Tune for HDTV feature allows you to watch your favorite shows in HD. When tuning to a standard channel, i-Guide automatically selects its HD version, when available in this format.

Activate the feature through MENU, by selecting Main menu (1), Setup (2), Guide Setup (3), Tune for HDTV (4), and Yes.

Please note that recording format is based on the terminal settings. If Tune for HDTV is activated, all new recordings will be set on HD channels. However, you can change this setting at all times.

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Guide format setting

  Sleek, new high-resolution guide (16:9) display looks great on HD TV, with sharp colours and crisp fonts. However, the Tune for HDTV feature allows adjusting guide format according to your TV set (flat screen or CRT). This option is available in MENU, by selecting Main Menu, Setup, Guide Setup, then TV type.


Parental control

With more user-friendly characteristics, supervising paid content and adult content access has never been easier! Protected by a PIN, Parental control allows you to oversee access to TV content for the whole family. Your PIN remains the same as before. If you haven’t set one yet, your default PIN is



Genre colour-coding layout

The grid displays a colour bar on the left side of the cell, replacing full colouring of grid cell, for a more streamlined design.


To enhance your TV experience

In the guide:
View schedule quickly, one page or one day at a time.
Restart viewing from the beginning.*
Resume viewing where you left it.*

On your remote
Get back to live TV when watching a recording or pausing a channel.*
Rewind 15 seconds during a recorded show or live TV if channel was tuned for at least 15 seconds.*
Rewind or fast forward 5 minutes of a recorded show or live TV if tuned for at least 5 minutes.*

*Available with recording terminals only.

For technical questions about your digital TV service, contact our technical support at 1.866.552.9466.

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