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What is a collect call?

A collect call is a call which communication fees are invoiced to the person receiving the call rather than to the person making the call. To make a collect call, you mandatorily must go through the operator assistance service who will ask authorization to charge fees to your correspondent's account.

How do we invoice you?

Phone companies have 90 days to invoice the company which took charge of the call. Considering this 90-day delay, up to 4 to 5 months can go by before you see fees appear on your invoice. Câble Axion invoices its clients only once it has been invoiced itself. Luckily, most companies invoice quickly. However, third-party invoicing is out of our control.

What is the rate?

Operator assistance fees for collect and long-distance calls apply for each collect call. The rate depends on origin, location and phone company. Check with the operator (0) to know the rate per minute. International long-distance calls vary based on the country and differ from Canadian standards. Câble Axion invoices $0.95 per call for collect call operator assistance (0), as well as for directory assistance (411).