What is AXION?

One of the most dynamic players in the cable distribution industry, Câble Axion is known as a regional leader in telecommunication. Câble Axion was founded in 1984 and has kept on growing and spreading its activities ever since.


Over 30 years of evolution!

1984 Câble Axion is founded
1986 Delivery of CRTC license
1987 Start of the network construction
2004 Major modernization allowing to offer Internet on most of our network
2005 Introduction of digital television
2007 Câble Axion is acquired by CoopTel and DERYtelecom
2008 Restructuring of Télé locale Axion
2008 Launching of cable phone service
2012 Opening of our Sainte-Marie store (Beauce)
2018 DERYtelecom becomes the only owner of Câble Axion


A strong company, deeply rooted in its community

Câble Axion keeps on growing and evolving, true to its commitment to ensure total quality of service and customer approach. This translates into cable network optimization, phone services deployment as well as enhancement of its service offering. This ensures its prime position in the telecom industry to this day.