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How to connect your
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How to test your
telephone line?
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How to access
your voicemail?
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Check if your connectors
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User guide

 Business phone
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How can I access my voicemail?

Dial * 98 followed by your default password (the last 4 digits of your phone number followed by ‘99’). For example, for 418.544.3358, the temporary password will be "335899". You can then change your password and record a personalized greeting.

Remote voicemail
Dial your phone number and press "9" as soon as you hear your greeting, then follow the instructions.

How do I access my voicemail remotely?
Dial your phone number. At the beginning of the voice message, press 9. Enter your password and you will have access to the same options as at home.
How do I change my mailbox PIN?
Dial * 98. Enter your current password and follow the steps to create a new one.
How do I initialize my voicemail?

For the voicemail service to work, you must first initialize it. Initialization will only take place the first time you access your mailbox.

The automated messaging system will first ask for your temporary password. This is the last four digits of your phone number, followed by "99". For example, for the number 418.544.3358, the temporary password would be "335899".

Subsequently, the system will ask you to do the following, guiding you with specific instructions:

- Change your password
- Save your name
- Record your welcome message. Your voice mailbox will then be ready to take your messages automatically. You know you have messages when you pick up the handset and hear a choppy tone or when a light indicating that there is a message is flashing (on some telephone devices).

How do I listen to my phone messages from my computer?

By activating voice messages by email, messages left in your voice mailbox will also be sent to your email box as attachments in audio format (.wav). You just have to open the attached file to listen to the message as if you were on the phone. To use this service, you must subscribe to voicemail and cable Internet service.

I want to change the response time for my voicemail.

Pick up the handset, press * 94 and enter the number of rings you want (between 0 and 9). Two “beeps” will confirm the change.

I want to listen to my voicemail messages.

Nothing's easier. From your home, dial * 98. Enter your PIN and follow the options.

From a distance, dial your phone number and press "9" as soon as you hear your welcome message. Then follow the instructions as if you were at home. For example, dial "1-1" to listen to your new messages.

You can even receive your voice messages by email if you subscribe to our Internet service. In your Client space, enter the email address to which you wish to receive your telephone messages, click on "Modify" and your messages will be automatically forwarded to you.

The indicator light stays on. What can I do?

When your phone's indicator light stays on continuously, indicating that you have a message but your voicemail is empty, you have two options:

1. Contact our Technical Support to update the message notification.

2. Turn off message notification yourself, using the following procedure:
- Access your voice mailbox by lifting the handset and dialing * 98.
- Enter your password followed by: "4-1-4".
- The indicator will no longer light, unless you reactivate it by doing the procedure again.

What to do to get the number of the last incoming call?

Dial * 69. Charges may apply.

Optional services
How do I deactivate call redirection?

- Pick up the handset and press * 73.
- Wait for the two "beeps" and hang up.

How do I deactivate call waiting?

If you do not want to be disturbed during an important call, you can deactivate the call waiting option.

- Before your call, lift the handset and dial * 70. You will hear a dial tone.

- Dial the number of the person you wish to reach.

- During this call, if someone tries to reach you, they will be redirected to your voice mailbox (if you are subscribed). The option turns off as soon as you hang up. You can deactivate the call waiting for more than one call by dialing * 78. To reactivate the option, redial * 78.

This service is free with a call waiting subscription.

How do I make a call redirection?

1. Pick up the handset and dial * 72.

2. After hearing two "beeps", dial the phone number to which you want to forward your calls (for example: your cell phone).

3. If someone answers, call forwarding is activated.

4. If the line is busy or there is no answer, you must hang up and repeat the procedure.
- Pick up the handset again and redial * 72.
-After hearing two "beeps", redial the telephone number to which you want your calls forwarded.
- Automatic forwarding is activated.

This service is offered as a package on a monthly basis only.

How does call blocking work (* 60)?

The option of the selector, when subscribed, allows blocking up to 12 numbers. Dial * 60 and follow the instructions.

A call from a number on your list will be redirected to an automatic message that you prefer not to receive a call from it at this time. The service is offered as a monthly package, contact 1.866.552.9466 for more details.

I do not have a display and I would like to obtain the number of the last caller.

Pick up the handset and dial * 69. The system will dictate the number of the last caller to you (unless it is confidential) and you can dial it automatically by following the instructions. Charges will apply for each use, unless you opt for a monthly plan. Inquire at 1.866.552.9466.

I receive unwanted calls. Is there any way to block them?

When you are bothered by unwanted calls, the call trace allows you to take action and trace these calls. This option ($ 5.00 per use) should only be used in severe situations. If you receive many unwelcome calls, you must contact the police to initiate an investigation. Here's how to use it:

- Hang up after answering the call.

- Pick up the handset and wait for the dial tone.

- Dial * 57 and wait for the voice message indicating that the call has been traced.

This service allows you to trace only the last call received. It even works for calls whose display has been blocked by the caller. Our company only discloses the information provided by the screen to the duly authorized authorities. You must contact the police authorities in your municipality to tell them the date and time of the traced call.

$ 5.00 per call, whether you call the police or not.

You can also register your number on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) to eliminate calls from telemarketing services.

I wish I could transfer my calls to another number.

Here is how to redirect a call (* 72):

Dial * 72 and after hearing two "beeps" dial the phone number to which you want to forward your calls (your cell phone, for example). If someone answers, forwarding is activated instantly. If the line is busy or there is no answer, you must hang up and repeat the entire procedure a second time: the transfer will be activated when you have dialed the transfer number and hung up.

To deactivate the transfer: lift the handset, wait for the dial tone, dial * 73 and wait for the two “beeps” then hang up. The function is deactivated.

The service is offered as a monthly package, contact 1.866.552.9466 for more details.

I would like to hide my name and number from someone’s display.

The free display lock option * 67 does just that. Dial * 67 then the number you want to call. Your recipient's display will show "Confidential number / name".

My display no longer shows anything. What can I do?

If you subscribe to the display option, make sure that the wire is securely connected to the electrical outlet and that there are the batteries necessary for the proper functioning of the device.

If you have two devices with a display, check if both have the same problem. If so, contact our Technical Support. If the option works on one of the phones, the device is probably faulty.

General questions
Does Câble Axion telephone service support 911 emergency services?

Our telephone service fully supports emergency services. Your information (name, address and telephone number) is available at the emergency center.

However, no company guarantees at all times the link with the emergency services and is not protected from equipment failure caused by an exceptional situation.

How can I reach you and what are your opening hours?

For full details, visit the "Contact Us" section.

How do I connect my fax machine?

There are several ways to connect a fax machine. Here are the most common options:

1. You can choose two different phone numbers. To do this, contact our Customer Service.

2. You can connect your fax machine each time you use it. To send, there is no option to change. To receive, make sure that the response time is less than the response time of your answering machine, if you have one.

3. You can choose a personalized ring tone which you will have to configure in the menu of your fax machine (see your user manual for the procedure).

How much do long distance costs?

Pricing is available on, in the "Telephony" section.

I no longer have a dial tone. What can I do?

Check if the problem is present on all your phones. Then make sure that all the telephones are hung up.

If the problem persists, locate your telephone modem. Connect a corded telephone to the "Telephone 1" input (a wire is already connected here, remove it to use the socket).

Check if you hear a dial tone. If so, contact our Technical Support immediately with this phone. Otherwise, contact us using another working phone so that we can correct the situation.

My fax machine answers before my voicemail. What can I do?

If your fax machine answers before your voicemail, you must increase the number of rings in the fax menu (refer to your user manual) or decrease the number of rings in your voicemail. To do this, refer to the following question: "How do I change the voicemail delay?"

One of my telephone sockets does not work. What to do?

If only one of your outlets doesn't work, try plugging in another phone or wire. You’ll then know if the problem is with the phone or the outlet itself.

If the problem is at the outlet, contact our Technical Support (some fees may apply for the travel of a technician).

What is the difference between 1-800 and 1-900 lines?

1-800 lines are free, unlike 1-900, which always have charges, the cost of which is determined by the service provider (the one receiving the call), not Câble Axion.

Calls to lines 1-900 can be blocked. Contact our Customer Service for more details.

For any other technical questions about your phone service,
contact our technical support at 1.866.552.9466.